Monday, March 19, 2012

My fairytale wedding

I found it.  I hadn't been looking, to be honest.  I consider myself much like all brides.... bridal blog-ing, pinterest-ing, martha stewart-ing.  Until my Mom (Mother knows best!) showed me the pages to this wedding of Emilia Wickstead, a European fashion designer, and I instantly fell in love.  Inspiration for September 8th has gone to a whole new level!

I haven't stopped thinking about her dress since I saw this shot.  She designed it herself, along with the bridesmaid gowns.

White garden roses, yes please.

 The beading in this overlay for the church is unreal! 

Love the look of different silhouettes with the hair pull straight back on the maids. 


  1. Everything's always more beautiful when you stay true to you!

  2. Just beautiful! So classic and elegant.